Promise Rings – Taking the First Step Together with Love

Build your bond and create an undying promise to your soulmate with a promise ring. If you are a die-hard romantic and believe in the power of love, you should take a step forward and exchange promise rings. Pledge love for each other forever with this special piece of jewelry. When you are sure that you will marry this person, and want to spend the rest of your life with him or her, you should make a promise with a ring to them about lifelong love. If you have special feelings for someone and your partner is ready to take the first step together with you, that is the right time to exchange promise rings. You can create a beautiful memory by engraving your rings with the first time you two met or the day you fell in love.

The ring is all about promises and makes everything a thousand times more romantic! State your promise, express your love and get a promise ring to surprise your lover with the best gift. Be the ultimate romantic by taking a vow to love and a promise to stay committed forever with the these ring.

What is a Promise Ring?

Want to know what is a promise ring? Well, do not worry! We have every detail about these rings you need to know. A promise ring is a gesture or sign of love and commitment between two lovers. It is often a step forward towards a serious relationship developing between two people. When you exchange a promise-ring, you are making a promise of commitment, forever and undying love. Some people give these rings to their lovers and make different promises about getting married one day or keeping them safe during sickness and health. Most people buy these rings that are like wedding bands, but these are much affordable options. You can get your names or a special date engraved on the rings as well.

You cannot exchange these rings without making a promise. What’s a promise ring without a commitment, right? Think wisely before you purchase a promise ring as it will be a big moment in your relationship. Ask yourself if you are ready to take a leap of faith and prove your love to your significant other. You can buy the most precious  rings for your Mr. right or Miss right and surprise them with this unexpected romantic gesture.

Promise Rings Meaning

Promise rings are like wedding bands and engagement rings but not entirely. This is a ring you give someone you love, and you want to stay committed to for the rest of your life. Several people make different promises when it comes to a promise-ring. These rings have become quite popular over the time as couples who are extremely serious in their relationship tend to exchange these rings first, and then, make commitments that they will marry each other.

Promise rings meaning is basically a ring that you give your better half to make a vow of a long-lasting relationship, commitment, love, happiness and loyalty forever. These rings can symbolize different things amongst different types of couples, but the main purpose and representation of this ring is commitment. For instance, you could give a ring when you are completely sure about settling down with your soulmate or you know you have found the right girl or boy for yourself.

Generally, many turn to rings before their main wedding to propose too as it is much affordable to buy these ring rather than an engagement ring. To summarize, if you believe that true and undying love exists, then these rings are meant for you.

Promise Rings for Her

Do you want to be the ultimate Prince Charming for your lady love and buy her something special? Well, you can now buy promise rings for her right here! We have exclusive rings designed for women in several beautiful and awestruck patterns. You can buy diamond, silver or white gold promise rings. We are currently having an exciting sale, and you can get your rings for the most affordable rates ever.

So create a special memory in the journey of your relationship and promise your love with a startling ring. Promise your commitment and loyalty!

Promise Rings for Couples

Have you found your soulmate? If you have, you should take a memorable step in your relationship soon and buy promise rings for couples from us. These ring are  extremely special, and if you two are ready to make a promise to love each other for the rest of your lives, we suggest you exchange these rings. We have the most precious as well as gorgeous rings! We have diamond rings, silver rings and white gold rings. You can find rings couple sets on our portal at the most inexpensive prices.

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Promise Rings for Men

Want to surprise your lovely man with a special gesture? We an idea that you will love! Promise him your heart and love forever with an extraordinary ring. You can buy promise rings for men in various designs and patterns exclusively on our portal. We carefully put together some of the finest rings so that your ring looks priceless! You can get your love date engraved on the ring as well as anything else you want.

Express your love for him in the right way and promise your man a loyal, committed relationship for life with a ring.

Promise Rings for Girlfriend

How often does it happen when you see a person across the room and decide that you will marry her or him one day? Although, this hardly happens and it is just in fairy tales,yet you too can create a fairy tale in a diverse way. If you want to step into a serious relationship with a girl you have fallen for and want to make her your girlfriend or want to marry your girlfriend someday, you can buy promise rings for girlfriend from us. Plan a big day and buy the highest quality of a diamond, silver or white gold promise ring from our website.

Cheap Promise Rings

Planning to propose but your bank balance is not supporting you? Well, we are here to rescue you from this problem! Who said you cannot give your girl or man a promise ring instead of a wedding ring? Besides, with the hype of these rings, every manufacturing company has increased their price to the sky but do not worry, we have the cheap promise rings that are of topnotch quality.

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Rose Gold Promise Ring

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Diamond Promise Rings

Want to buy diamond promise rings for your loved one? Getting a ring is a major jump into the relationship, and if you are ready, you should get diamond rings from our portal. We have been in business for 10 years, and we assure you that our rings are brilliant. You will be stunned to see how gorgeous each piece looks. Not just the beauty but the price of our diamond rings is affordable and budget-friendly. If you want to propose but don’t have the money to buy an engagement ring, you can always get a promise ring!

Promise Rings for Women

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Promise Rings for Him

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Black Promise Rings

Are you a quirky, exceptional and different couple? You can buy black promise rings on our website! With the trend of these rings coming back, we have also brought back the trend of black hued rings for men and black diamond rings for women. You can find ring bands, diamond rings and much more in the color black. If you want to do something out of the box special for your loved one, you should give them this unique colored ring. Grab these exciting rings for men and women for the most inexpensive price from us!

White Gold Promise Rings

Not everyone can afford platinum which is why white gold rings are quite desirable these days. If you have been planning to buy white gold promise rings for each other, then you have come to the right destination. We have the most gorgeous and fantastic quality rings designed in white gold. You can buy white gold ring bands, white gold diamond rings, etc., at the most premium prices. Therefore, our rings will not empty your bank account or wallets. We have a wide variety of rings that will make your relationship promise a priceless and happy moment!

Gold Promise Rings

Want to buy gold promise rings for your better half? Well, guess what? We have something you will adore! If you are confused about which ring you should get your soulmate, you can always go with the safest choice and pick gold. We have some of the highest quality gold rings that will make you awestruck. So, what are you waiting for? Express your commitment, ultimate undying love and a promise for life with our gold ring. Impress your loved one with this magnificent and astonishing act of love.

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Silver Promise Rings

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Infinity Promise Ring

The saying “love is eternal” is completely true as once you fall in love with someone it is unending! Hence, you can buy infinity promise ring for your ladylove or prince charming from us. The ring features the infinity design made with stones, diamonds, gold, white gold, rose gold, etc. You can find infinity rings for men, women or buy the couple set. Since these rings are all about lifelong commitments, it is only fair to put the infinity design on the rings as it will add a touch of exquisiteness to the ring and take it a notch higher with the attractiveness.

Simple Promise Rings

Are you a simple couple who loves basic things? If you are, then you should buy simple promise rings from our store. We have been in this business for 10 years, and we have the best simple rings for men and women. You can surprise your better half with the sweetest and lovely simple promise band made in gold or white gold. If you want to add a personal touch to the these ring, you can get it engraved with a special date of when you two fell in love or met. Other than all this, we have the most reasonably priced rings you will ever find!

 Princess Promise Rings

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Cute Promise Rings

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Promise rings for her and him are easily available in a number of materials, shapes, and sizes. Therefore, in order to understand the correct ways to use these rings better, here are answers of some common questions relating to promise rings for men and women.

Q1. On Which Finger Should the Promise Ring be Worn?

A: If purpose of ring is relationship, then one can wear promise rings for her just like the wedding ring. Similarly, on the ring finger (2nd from the left) on the left hand.

It is a popular belief that this ring is worn on this ring finger only because there is a vein that runs through it that leads directly to the heart. If you like to prevent confusion in the minds of the others about your relationship status, then you can also wear it on the middle finger of your left hand or the ring finger on the right hand.

However, these rings under such circumstances should usually be replaced with a wedding band within two years.And, if it doesn’t happen, then the ring should be worn on the right hand instead of the left. All other types of rings should be worn on any other finger except the ring finger to avoid any confusion.

Q2. Who Can Gift the Promise Ring?

A: While earlier the men alone made a gift of promise rings to the woman of their choice, there is no such rule applicable now. There are plenty of stunning men’s rings available which a lady can gift to her man in exchange for the ring that he gives her. For friends and other relationships too, it is common for both parties to buy the rings and gift them to each other. However, these rings shouldn’t be imposed on anyone though, so be sure before you splurge on an expensive or fancy ring. It is better to go to shopping for such rings as a set of two along with the other person in the relationship.Thus, it helps to avoid any awkwardness between the two when you actual gift the rings.

Q3. Can One Buy a Ring for Him/Herself?

A: Of course, yes! In fact, there are single promise rings also available in a number of beautiful and simple fashions for someone who wants to keep a promise to him/herself or celebrate the keeping of a self-promise.

Q4. Is There a Specific Shape for Promise Rings?

A: The answer depends on the purpose of buying the promise ring. If it is for relationships between couples, then it is common to buy heart-shaped design rings. But, otherwise, there is no fixed rule about the shape or design to use.

Q5. What Are the Common Materials Used to Make Promise Rings?

A: They are the same as of other types of rings such as gold, platinum, and sterling silver mostly. In fact, the use of precious metal plating, precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, garnets, and semi-precious stones, artificial gems, etc. is also quite common. Therefore, be sure you think of an appropriate budget for such rings.Especially, if they are to be followed by 1-2 more rings such as an engagement and wedding ring.

Q6. Is There an Appropriate Price Range for Promise Rings?

A: There is no such fixed rule for the budget.You rather need to set your expectations for such rings per your budget. As such, cost of the ring can be anywhere between $199 and $2,000.

Q7. How to Choose the Best Promise Ring?

A: Buying these rings should be easy as buying any other ring. You just need to know your size, the kind of metal you prefer, fix on a budget, have a general idea of its look.And, then head to the nearest good jeweler but remember a couple of things.These are not large pieces of jewelry but have a lot of value for the person wearing and gifting it nevertheless, so select one wisely. Secondly, opt for the best metal and stones you can afford.But it should not look like a poor cousin or garish in comparison to the other rings, especially your wedding and engagement rings.

Q8. Are There Any Particular Metals or Stones to be Considered?

The answer is – no. Choose the metal which suits your skin type the best and which looks good on your hand. Nickel, iron, and copper are metals that do not suite to everyone’s skin, but gold, sterling silver, and platinum are, of course, the best bets. If you want to experiment with colored ring bands, then you can go for the rose pink or white gold rings too. In fact, these are usually cheaper than pure gold rings as they usually contain a small amount of copper too. If you really want to splurge on your ring, then go for the timeless pieces in platinum or titanium. They look not only elegant but also last for eternity. The craftsmen shape the metal in a complex pattern unlike the plain wedding bands that most opt for.But you can opt for simple promise rings too if that’s what you prefer.

Usually, the most common shape in promise rings is that of the heart.But there are others too that are used such as the Celtic knot, floral-based ones comprising of leaves or flowers, Claddagh rings, etc. Therefore, be sure to get them engraved to complete the look of the ring!

In terms of the stones, you can opt for the traditional ones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, etc. Or you can also opt for colorful crystals, other gemstones, and semiprecious stones to be a more fun affair. Both men and women can equally opt for rings with stones set in them rather than settling for plain bands.But, the men’s rings need to be more sedate and less colorful. However, women can experiment as much as they want to with their rings!