Know All About Promise Rings Meaning and Value…

Know All About Promise Rings Meaning and Value…

Promise rings meaning is quite simple! Like you can already make out that a promise ring is something extremely precious for couples. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to promise rings as there are several other rings like, the purity ring, pre-engagement ring, commitment ring, etc. We are sure you have many questions regarding promise rings like, what does it mean? Which finger to wear it on? What does it signify? Why is valued so much? Since we don’t want to keep you confused about promise rings, we have all the answers you want.

What is it?

There is no proper definition of promise rings as the meaning of it varies from couple to couple but it is widely known as the symbol of true commitment. It can be represented in several ways depending on what a couple is making promises about. Most couples use it as a gift or a way of saying that they will propose to their better half in the near future while others use promise rings to make a big step into their relationship.

Princess Promise RingsIdeally, couples can decide in which finger they want to wear the promise ring but most of them are seen flaunting the ring in their engagement finger else the middle finger. According to wedding experts, they suggest that if couples are serious about one another, they should just put the rings on the engagement finger. This can also be a sign to the world that they are almost engaged.

Promise rings are highly valuable to those who believe in it. It is the current ongoing trend and people take promise rings seriously. You will not see many buying promise rings for girlfriend as it is a big decision to make. Most couples who have successfully spent a few years together gift each other promise rings as it is a precious part of their relationship.

A little history of promise rings: –

According to wedding experts, the idea of presenting a ring with a promise of commitment, affection and love goes decades back in time. Promise rings were known as posy rings in the 16th century and it became popular in England. There were romantic poems engraved on the rings which is why they were known as posy rings. Not just in England but promise rings were also popular in Georgian and Victorian times. They were known as Acrostic rings and they had one gemstone on it like rubies, emeralds, amethyst, diamonds, etc. We aren’t sure how true these historic tales are but there is a lot written about them. Yet another reason why promise rings are highly valued!

Different types of promise rings: –

Promise rings for couples –

You can find impeccable promise rings for couples! People who decide about gifting each other promise rings, usually go for promise ring bands that are designed for couples. To make it more exclusive, you can get a date, poem, quote or name initials engraved on the ring. This will just make the promise ring more romantic.

Promise rings for men –

Promise rings are made for everyone and if you want a promise ring for you man, you can easily find some great designs. Most of them are like engagement bands but they aren’t too expensive. Promise rings for men are quite affordable and if you are a romantic person, you should surprise your prince charming with a promise ring. The fashion of men wearing rings is getting popular these days and what better than a promise ring, right?

Promise rings for women –

Diamond Promise RingsIf there are promise rings for men and couples, there obviously will be promise rings for women. You will be stunned to see how beautiful promise rings are designed for women. You can find cheap promise rings in silver, gemstones, infinity, heart and many other patterns. For all those men who want the perfect ring for their perfect lady, we suggest you go for promise rings that are made with white gold metal and have a small gemstone on it. It will look different unlike an engagement ring but drop dead gorgeous!

Diamond promise rings –

Who doesn’t love diamonds? Whether you are man or a woman, diamond promise rings are the most desired ones by couples. The prime reason behind this is that they look just like engagement rings and couples who cannot afford to buy a wedding ring yet or want to wait a few years to propose usually opt for diamond or rose gold promise rings. Since promise rings are inexpensive compared to engagement rings, couples opt for a diamond promise ring to surprise their soulmates.

Conclusion –

Promise rings are truly extraordinary and they can increase the bond between couples. If you are a die-hard romantic and in love, you should get your better half the most unique promise ring. Promise your commitment and eternal love in an exceptional way!

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