Promise Rings for her: Beautifully Sealing the Deal with Your Loved One

promise ring for her

Promise Rings for her: Beautifully Sealing the Deal with Your Loved One

Are you ready to take that leap in your relationship? Are you all set to make that commitment to her? Want to make a promise rings for her and give her something that will remind her of your promise every day?

Well, then the perfect option for you would be a promise rings for her! It is indeed the most beautiful marker that will always remind her of the promise made by you. Not sure what exactly a promise ring means and how you can present it? Well, here are some basics of concept of this ring that will surely help you along the way:

promise rings for her

What is a promise ring?

This ring is a striking reminder of a promise that your loved and dear one makes to you. One thing, that you need to remember when it comes to such rings is one does not need to be in a romantic relationship with someone in order to exchange or present these rings. It can be presented by a friend to another one, or even between siblings. However, this is a modern interpretation of the practice of exchanging such rings. Originally it comes from the idea of the old pre-colonial days. It was a custom those days that during the courtship period, the boy would gift the girl with a sign of commitment that he would indeed marry her in the future. And this sign of commitment was nothing but the cute promise ring . It is from here that the entire concept of promise rings comes from.

When should I present her with a promise ring?

You can give this ring to a friend, sibling or even a family member. However, one mostly exchanges it in cases of commitment in romantic relationships. So, if you feel that you are in that place in your relationship where you are ready to make a promise for the rest of your life then you can definitely “seal the deal” with a promise ring. However, do not confuse this ring with an engagement ring. This ring suggests that you promise to stay with her for the rest of your life but it never implies that you are making a promise to get married. Thus, it is important that you know what the essential differences are when it comes to opting for a ring that spells a promise of a lifetime to both of you.

Sometimes there is a confusion whether or not to give her a ring. The simple solution to this is that you talk it out with each other! You can talk about how you see the future of your relationship and then you can accordingly take the call and what is more beautiful than to decide to stay with each other, together. If both of you understand that you are on the same page, you can actually infinity promise rings.

How to select the right promise rings for her?

You have to remember a few pointers when it comes to selecting the perfect promise rings .

Let’s check them out:

    1. When you are looking for a ring for her, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that have got the measurements of her ring finger right. You will have to tactfully find out from her what the required measurements are and then go to the jewelry shop and place the order accordingly. Do not mess up this step or else it might totally ruin the act of presenting her with a ring.
    2. These rings are meant to be worn on a daily basis. Women often wear them tied in a gold necklace around their neck. So, when you select a design, make sure that it is a very simple one. Do not go for something very extravagant, save it for an engagement ring for the future. In fact, a simple band of gold is always a favorite. However, if you are adamant on a diamond, go for a simple one. Avoid a large sized diamond or the ring will become too cumbersome and unfit for daily wear. So always keep the size small and the design simple!
    3. The price of a ring is a very important thing. You need to fix upon a budget and more importantly stick to it when you head out to the jewelry shop. Do not overspend in case of these Promise rings for her. Keep it simple and the price pocket friendly.

  1. One of the most popular practices when it comes to such rings is opting for couple bands. When you both decide to exchange informal promises with each other, you can get couple rings for yourself. You can opt for gold bands for both of you, or you can each choose different designs as per your liking.

Thus, if you want to take that step in your relationship and tell her how serious you are about keeping your promise to  her, then you can always go for a promise ring for couples!

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